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Ulundi Local Municipality Goods and Service Providers Registration Form

Business Opportunities – Please note that registration on the Ulundi Local Municipality Supplier Database does not guarantee business opportunities. All procurement will be subject to the procurement policies of the Ulundi Local Municipality and applicable legislation.

Amendments – Please notify the Procurement Office or the Supplier Management Department immediately of any changes to the verified information submitted
Verification – verification of the information supplied will be performed against third party sources such as SARS, DTI and CIPRO. Ulundi Local Municipality reserves the right to request additional information or documentation regarding this registration form and the request to conduct an audit when necessary.

Queries – Should you have any queries or if you require assistance completing the registration form, please contact the Ulundi Local Municipality Supply Chain Management Department. The Information provided in this questionnaire will be treated as confidential.

Manual Forms that are not legible or incomplete will not be registered on the database. Manual completed registration forms and all supporting documentation must be handed in at Ulundi Municipality, Ulundi. The envelope must be clearly marked SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.

Mandatory fields – Certain fields and documentation are mandatory to certain business types. Please ensure that all fields which are mandatory to your business type, have been completed. It is important to note that if the validity period of the Tax Clearance Certificate and BEE Certificate / Letter From Auditors submitted has expired, a new and valid CERTIFICATE must be submitted to comply with legislation.

Required documentation – Please submit the following document to Supplier Management, This document must be handed to Ulundi Local Municipality or SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT within seven days of registration:
(i) Business Entity Company Profile & Structure
(ii) Tax Clearance Certificate (Original)
(iii) Original Bank Details Verification (Ulundi Local Municipality banking details form with original bank stamp, Letter from the bank with original bank stamp or an original cancelled cheque). BEE Certificate or Letter from Auditors Failure to do so, will result in your registration not being processed 
Completion of Questions – Please clearly answer all questions with honesty, as false statements and incomplete forms will not be processed. If the question is not Applicable, please state N/A.