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Community and Technical Services

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Technical Services

Electrification Management :

Planned Maintenance:

Planned maintenance means the act of maintaining to preserve from deterioration by the use of appropriate resources and pro-active and pre-emptive actions, including the systematic inspection, cleaning, calibrating, measuring and recording, making of minor adjustments, testing, replacing of minor parts and any other similar actions necessary to prevent deterioration, to assure reliability to improve the availability.

Planned maintenance should therefore also include the removal from the system of unreliable components, equipment or sub-systems and replacement with components, equipment or sub-systems which will improve reliability.

Planned maintenance also means the scheduled upgrading and the restoration of the system, any sub-systems, or components to a condition equal to the original specification in the event of a random fault, failure or damage. Corrective maintenance includes the subsequent repair or replacement of any components found to be defective, irrespective of the course.

Planned maintenance is a pro-active maintenance activity arising from scheduled inspections.

Emergency Maintenance:

Emergency maintenance means maintenance which requires immediate action because of its criticality. Critical means faults or damage related to the system, which will result in the electricity reticulation or distribution systems not being available. It is a reactive maintenance activity which also includes after hours break downs.

Management information system:

Ulundi uses a MS Access database computerised management information systems which allows the following benefits:

· All work is recorded in a computerized database in terms of a worksorder per job.

· All worksorders can be assessed in terms of hours spent, resources utilized, Km’s traveled per vehicle per job.

· Performance analysis reports can be drawn from the system.

New capital projects:

The approved capital projects are scheduled as follows:


Preliminary Date

White City township Access roads


Mhlabathini town access roads


Nqulwane sports complex


Ulundi Unit B South access roads rehabilitation


Mpungamhlope sportsfield complex


Ceza Sportsfield complex


Babanango Sportsfield complex


Babanango Community Hall


Zondela roads


Roads and stormwater maintenance:

Maintenance of existing access roads and stormwater systems within the Municipality will be dealt with as follows for the current financial year:

  • Revise yearly program for planned maintenance
  • Perform maintenance according to year plan.
  • Identify critical problem areas.
  • Perform planned maintenance

Road rehabilitation:

Due to excessive rainfall and a lack of sufficient funds to perform adequate maintenance, the condition of various roads in Ulundi has deteriorated over the past couple of years.

One of the most important factors that affect the remaining life of these roads negatively is the ingress of water into the layerworks of the road. The combination of blocked storm water systems and water entering the layerworks of the road leads to the rapid deterioration of these roads.

The project for the current financial year will address the upgrading of 10 streets including storm water systems. The total lengths of the roads are approximately 1.5 km long. The upgrading of the existing storm water system will prevent flooding, to a great extent, in the lower lying areas.


Building section within Technical services is interalia responsible for the following:

· Council building maintenance

· Replacement of Windows

· Maintenance of roofs and gutters

· Maintenance of toilets and kitchens

· Maintenance of fencing etc.

Housing Projects undertaken by Ulundi Municipality:

Name of the project Size of the Project

- Ekushumayeleni 1600 housing units

- Nsukazi 1000 housing units

- Nsabekhuluma 2000 housing units

- Ximba 2000 housing units

- Ekudubekeni 1600 housing units

- Babanango Phase 1 and 2 325 housing units

- Zondela 873 housing units

- Ulundi L extension (slums clearance) 954 housing units

- Unit L 551 housing units


Ulundi Municipality is proud to have delivered thousands of houses to the community of Ulundi and surrounding rural areas. A number of houses are still to be delivered in various wards around Ulundi as per IDP prioritized list. (A list of active housing projects and a Housing Plan is attached.) It should be noted that the housing plan is still to be reviewed in accordance with the current IDP.


Ulundi Municipality owns various properties available for various developments. Land sales are undertaken in terms of the Ulundi Municipality Land Sale Policy attached.

Enquiries on land sales may be directed to 035 874 5196


Attached is the Town Planning Scheme for the area prepared in terms of the Planning and Development Act. We also produce various maps for Ulundi Municipality area of jurisdiction through our GIS office.


Keeping the standard of Ulundi Municipality is a priority to the Municipality. Building Plans are approved in house and all developments are inspected to be in line with legislation. (Application for building plan approval form and a general checklist is attached)